RwandAir and South African Airway Partnership

RwandAir has signed a bilateral code share agreement with South African Airways for operations between Johannesburg and Kigali. John Mirenge, the RwandAir chief executive officer, said the deal, will be effected on December 7. RwandAir, which flies seven times between both cities, will be operating carrier services, while South African Airways will market the route, according to the deal.

The airline will also provide connectivity between its network and that of South African Airways from its hub at Oliver R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. In turn, South African Airways passengers will be able to travel between Johannesburg and Kigali using a single ticket when they are connecting from another destination outside Johannesburg.

Mirenge said that the code share deal will help develop Kigali as a new aviation hub, connecting it with other existing hubs like Oliver R. Tambo International Airport and allowing the two airlines to join their respective networks. Papa Manoj, the South African Airways general manager, said the deal is a great stride in developing Rwanda’s aviation sector. RwandAir’s professionalism and strong adherence to safety standards makes it a great partner in the region’s booming aviation industry.

Many tour operators have welcomed the partnership agreement saying that this will boost tourism in Rwanda, a country best known to host nearly half of the remaining total population of mountain gorillas.

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